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Danielle Shealy CD(DONA), CPM, LM
Exceptional, Compassionate, Midwifery Care From a Second Generation Midwife 

Like Mother Like Daughter Midwifery, was founded on the belief that excellence is the standard in maternity care. We specialize in providing luxury prenatal and postnatal care for expecting families. As an experienced certified and licenced midwife, I am dedicated to providing high quality and personal experiences built around your unique needs.I am passionate about helping my patients through every step of their pregnancy journey and providing them with individualized care and attention. I strive to make each experience unique and special and to be a source of comfort, and support for patients and their families. From our luxurious home-visits, to our comforting postnatal care with home cooked meals, we are here to make sure your pregnancy is as special as it can be.

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Why I’m a Midwife
Danielle Shealy CD(DONA), CPM, LM

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Get To Know Me

As a second generation midwife, my journey with physiological birth goes back to the day I was born at home. It not only changed my mother's life forever, but it also changed mine. I was the only one out of four to be born at home. About a year after my birth, my mother became a midwife's assistant and starting working with one of the most influential midwives in the state. That led her into the passion and joy of midwifery.  When I was a little older, my mother went back to school to become a midwife. She has been a midwife in practice for over 15 years, with 27 years of experience. Growing up I never would have imagined this would have been my calling. At the time I was in a Russian ballet company touring the world, midwifery and anything medical was not on my radar. At 17, I graduated high school unsure of my path. By 18, my mother convinced me to attend a few births. This changed my life and heart forever. I witnessed enpowered women, doing incredible things, with individualized support and love. I became a DONA certified doula to continue working on birth teams as I started looking into midwifery schools. I obtained my education at the National Midwifery Institute  in Vermont, and graduated in 2018. In my apprenticeship, I had the great privilege of working with my mother Jami Morris LM, CPM, and Susan Smart LM, CPM,. My apprenticeship included both home birth and birth centers.  Following graduation, I passed the national midwifery boards of NARM. I have been in private practice for 5 years. I truly believe being a midwife is the greatest job in the world. My life's passion is dedicated to women's health. It is my honor to  be invited into one of life's most sacred journeys with your family. I have watched my mother serve women, their families, and our community my whole life. I can't think of anything more rewarding than this. My mother has been my role model in more ways than one, and we still work together to this day as the only mother-daughter team in South Carolina. My goal is to change health care in South Carolina. At LMLD Midwifery we are doing that one family at a time. The experience of pregnancy and birth has changed over the years, especially in today’s modern era. I believe that the need for caring, sensitive and traditional midwifery practices during this time are becoming more and more apparent. I see every pregnancy and birth as a miracle, and I feel honored to be considered to be a part of your new adventure.


What Do We Provide?



Individualized Care

Each of our bodies are about as unique as your finger print. I'm here to learn about what makes your body unique to you. From our initial meeting all the way through your pregnancy and delivery, I take the time to get to know you, your concerns and your needs. I provide my clients with around the clock care in addition to their regularly scheduled prenatal appointments. I view prenatal visits as our time to connect. Visits usually last  an hour to an hour and a half. We love for the whole family to be involved. 


Here With You

Get extra personal support through the entirety of your birthing journey. I offer unwavering support and monitoring to your family. I preform regular non-invasive evaluations to ensure safety and comfort for you and your baby.  My level of support as a midwife, is dependent on your birthing desires or birth plan. Some women enjoy having our birth team in the room assisting with massage, verbal encouragement, offering suggestions, aiding in food and hydration (that's right, you read that correct, we want you to have the freedom to eat and drink in labor!) While other mama's enjoy privacy with us coming into the room to make evals every 30 minutes.   The question we will ask you is, "How can we be most supportive to the birthing experience you are desiring."


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 Consistent Care


Postpartum is one of my biggest passions. When I was a student midwife I observed what appeared to be a drop off of care in the postpartum world. There was a build up of care to the delivery then, "See you in six weeks!" In your pregnancy, we will take time to discucss postpartum and how we can plan for a more empowered and supported experience. At LMLD midwifery I have a signature Ayurvedic pot roast I bring all my mamas. It is one of many ways I enjoy reminding you that this is your season to be pampered. Your baby moon is a special time. Postpartum can be quite demanding, but it should come with a recipe of support, love, warm food, newborn snuggles, and dirty diapers and surprise gifts from your midwife! This is a time for you to heal and for your new family to bond. We will have regular postpartum home and office visits to ensure you and your baby are safe, sound, and supported. I believe that regular postpartum visits are just as important as prenatal care. We will have postpartum and newborn exams at 24-36 hours after birth, a 5-7 day check in, a 3 week check in, and care is concluded 6 weeks postpartum, breastfeeding support is included. Care is available to you at any point in your postpartum period should you need additional visits. 

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Additional Services

The Modern Midwife Podcast 

Every Month Danielle Shealy CD(DONA), CPM, LM, will be hosting The Modern Midwife Podcast! Don't miss out on our favorite segments: Mama's, Midwives, and Mimosas, & Beards, Bourbon, And Birth. Listen on Spotify!


Kendall Andrew 

Prenatal appointments never felt rushed, and I always felt checked in on physically and emotionally.

Andrea Bickley 

To have Danielle as a midwife is to experience bliss during pregnancy. Having been a first time mom, pregnancy was scary with the unknown of what to expect but Danielle guided me and my husband with every step.

Brittany Shipp

She always included my girls in the appointments and let them help with moms vital signs and checking the baby's heartbeat. 

Meet the Team

Meet the members of my team.

Working along side highly educated, gentle, humble, and passionate birth workers is the standard. Everyone I work with and along side has a certain criteria I look for in order to join the team. My mother set this example of humility with excellence in practice. 


Positive Experiences

I am proud to serve the birthing needs of anyone who is looking for support and guidance throughout the pregnancy process. I make an effort to maintain a lifelong connection with my clients, and check up on their progress as new parents. Curious about my past patients’ experiences? Take a look at their positive stories below.

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"I was sitting here thinking about what I wanted to say in my review of Danielle and my heart just swelled with love! I’ve had such wonderful experiences with her. We’ve had all five of our babies at home and Danielle has been with us with the last three. She was so attentive and made me feel so cared for. I was impressed that on one hand she can be there encouraging me and supporting me emotionally and then on the other hand answering any medical question I had about the baby or delivery. I have complete trust in her knowledge and abilities. She definitely knows her stuff! I could not recommend her more!"

Jennifer Titus


And what could be more beautiful,
than bringing new life into the world?


We look forward to the opportunity to be apart of this sacred space. 

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Danielle Shealy (CD), CPM, LM

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